Forschungsbereich Ingenieurgeologie


The Institute for Engineering Geology is part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna; its staff consists of 10 persons (geologists, civil engineers and administrative staff). The Institute is responsible for the research on engineering geology in general and the teaching of these aspects for students of civil engineering (undergraduate and advanced courses).

The main research activities concern slope stability and mass movements, site exploration and engineering geological mapping, applied rock mechanics, environmental geology volumetric and numeric modelling, tunnelling (rock mechanic, hydrogeological and grouting aspects), technical petrography (especially the preservation and conservation of material cultural heritage), hydrogeology and geomorphology.

There is an overall increasing demand in engineering geological expertise resulting from the high public awareness concerning environmental protection and with the needs for construction in increasingly difficult terrain. Natural catastrophic events again and again show the vulnerability of the human society from natural disasters. The evaluation, assessment and management of geo-related hazards and risks, in particular in mountainous areas, have become a major topics of engineering geological research. 

Landslide hazards


Conservation of cultural heritage

St. Stephens, Vienna

Earth quakes, deformation, tectonics

Deformation bands

Tunneling, rock mechanics


Ground water

in jointed rock

Ground water

subaqueous springs